April 1, 2009 § 2 Comments

I stopped blogging for a while…perhaps you noticed…perhaps you didn’t. It has been a good time of refocusing for me. I have never had more opportunities than I have had over the past several months, however I am learning in very tangible ways that with great “gifts” comes great responsibility…and great time requirements. 

Check back soon…blogging will resume shortly.

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It’s Amazing

January 30, 2009 § 5 Comments



Twitter, Facebook, Family, Good Friends, and the Steelers

January 18, 2009 § 1 Comment

The following is how all of those worlds collided resulting in God’s Favor and hopefully the Steelers going to the Super Bowl!!
  • Early Friday morning My brother called me to tell me he scored two tickets to the the AFC Championship and wanted to know if I would like to go…ummm yes.
  • I told him I did but it wasn’t realistic, cost of flight…to long of a road trip…I “work” weekends…
  • I put out a post on my twitter that subsequently feeds my facebook page asking if anyone knew how I could get hooked up with a cheap flight…shot in the dark?
  • A couple hours later, my good friend Steve calls to tell me he had seen my facebook message  and said he booked me a flight using his skymiles…ARE YOU SERIOUS??????? STEVE YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!
  • I call my boss to ask him for the Sunday off…being the Eagles fan he is, he told me how bad the Steelers were but he said I should go anyway!!
  • I went to the store and bought them out of long underwear last night…
  • It’s 3.30am on Sunday morning and I can’t sleep…I feel like it’s Christmas only I know what I’m getting and I like it!!
  • I hop a plane at 6am…layover in DC where I will be rocking my Steelers jersey and hating on Ravens fans…and then land in the Promised Land of Steel a little before 10am.
  • I will keep you updated on my trip and the game on my twitter…you can follow by going here or just checking the left hand corner of the page for the delayed report.

Change Bias

January 15, 2009 § 8 Comments

This is not a post about people and their inability to change…or perhaps it is.

Yesterday, I hit the jackpot!!! I went looking for a watch in my wife’s jewelry box…she steals mine and put’s it in there if I “leave it laying around,” so I don’t find the watch but I do find a bunch of quarters, dimes and nickels!! With the recent decline in the economy we have been doing our part to “cut back” so that means a few less coffee runs during the week. However this change changed everything! I took enough of the change but not quite enough to know it had been taken 🙂 and headed to out to work with the intentions of grabbing a coffee on the way in.

So there I am in line, all excited for my coffee with a pocket full of change…and then it hit me…I was about to pay with change. Not so bad right?? Except all of a sudden I felt inferior like my change wasn’t worth the same amount as the crisp dollar bills that the peeps in front of me were paying with. I had fallen victim to the “American Change Bias” …You should have seen the barista roll her eyes when i took out my quarters…you should have heard the sigh from the chorus of people in line behind me…it was obviously an inconvenience at the very least. We have a problem in America…Obama was right, we do need CHANGE…let’s end the Biased notion that our metal money is inferior to that of the paper and plastic variety. 

Who want’s to use change and not be hated on??? Who’s with me???

Dream Again

January 13, 2009 § 3 Comments

I have recently been challenged, inspired, and given permission to “Dream Again.”

Let’s be honest between family, work, and everything in between sometimes our dreams take a backseat to our reality. Not to say that reality is all that bad, in fact sometimes it’s great, however it’s not always what you thought it might be. Somewhere in the course of reality-rationalizing we stop dreaming…the daily grind becomes the norm, your status becomes quo. Time starts telling you what you can and can’t do…circumstances call the shots. We get used to Normal, we accept normal, in fact we deify Normal….”if things would just get back to normal,” we find ourselves saying it all the time. The What if’s turn in to What’s and the Why Not’s turn into Why’s….

 I think for the past few years I have done some settling for Normal…sometimes out of laziness, sometimes out of confusion, and sometimes I think I settled just to survive. For me, that season is over…a new season is here. It’s time to dream again, time to throw as much as I can on a white board, time to fill journals with what could be and should be, it’s time to get to bed early because I know I won’t be able to sleep because my imagination is on overdrive…

Have you stopped dreaming? personally? in your career? in your ministry? It’s a new season…It’s time to DREAM AGAIN.

My Girls are TV Stars

January 9, 2009 § 1 Comment

The Power of Three Words

January 4, 2009 § 5 Comments

Recently through the magical powers of Twitter and one very tech-savy Lifechurch.tv’er , I was challenged to encompass all of my goals and resolutions for 2009 into three words. This has been quite the stretching exercise for me. It has taken me a couple of days but I think I have narrowed it down to three.

FIT – I want to be in shape both physically and spiritually. Physically, Over the next 90 days I am going to put my body through the P90X ringer and see what comes out on the other side. Spiritually, I am committing to reading through the entire bible this year and being more generous with my time , talents, and treasures. I want to challenge myself both spiritually and physically to a point that I have not been before.

LEAD – Now more then ever in my life, I have been entrusted with the mantle of leadership. From my wife and little girl, to the NorthwayChurch campus I lead, and to the staff that look to me for direction…I have been called to LEAD…To get out in front, to challenge and equip, to be an example. I have never felt the energizing and draining task and burden of leadership more then I do now…and it excites me.

DOING – I talk a big game when it comes to helping those who have less then the rest. I talk a big game when it comes to ideas and innovation that could help the church in it’s mission to reach people who are far from God. I talk a big game when it comes to writing a book or submitting articles to be published . I talk a good game when it comes to reaching the community of Colonie. I talk a big game when it comes to talking about taking photography or art classes. This year I am going to stop talking and start DO-ing.

What are your three words?

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