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My wife Libby – My little girl Avery – My puppy Posh – NorthwayChurch.tv – Golf – RealityTV – Good Coffee – All things Pittsburgh Sports Related- Reading – FreeWiFi – Basketball – Travel –


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  • Norm V says:

    Brian, i have found you. I read one entry about a month ago but didn’t make a shortcut, had to google to find you.

    I occasionally read the brianandlibby blog, and i have a complaint – your wife has no link to your blog – wrong! What’s up with that?

    I like to keep up with Northway through your eyes. I wish we still had your talent at TBC. God will continue to use you and Libby where ever you are.

    Keep serving. Are you still involved with teens? Would love to hear some teen tales. Adults are like so lame dude.

    Regards and Thanks – Norm

  • Brian Howe says:

    Looking up my name on google and came across your site. I am part of prayer leadership at my church. Just stopping by to say HI and tell you that you have a really cool name.

  • Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  • Matty says:


    After hearing kudos from both Nathan and Buddy I had to check out your message from 03/15. Great Job my friend at speaking the truth in love and with such passion. It spoke to my heart! Thanks


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